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Lotus Square (Praça Flor de Lodão, 金蓮花廣場) is named after a monument of a golden lotus flower, set here to commemorate the transfer of the sovereignty of Macau from Portugal to People’s Republic of China in 1999. I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t visit this place, for a very simple reason: there’s a museum of wine nearby.

There are actually two museums in one building, the other being the Grand Prix Museum (Museu do Grande Prémio, 大賽車博物館), devoted to local motorsport. Macau Grand Prix is one of the world’s most famous road races. It’s a street circuit, both for automobiles and motorcycles.

I found it interesting, with all those beautiful vehicles on the display, but what really brought me here was the adjacent Macau Wine Museum (Museu do Vinho, 葡萄酒博物馆), right?

It has plenty of boards (general wine history, Chinese wine history and regions, Iberian wine) as well as some artifacts (machines, old bottles) and models. The most detailed section is about Portugal. Dummies wearing Portuguese folk clothes stand next to the corresponding wine regions, all with short descriptions, photos and maps. Grape varieties are also explained. Everything is in Chinese, Portuguese and English. What will please many, there is also wine tasting, reasonably priced.

Also in the same building but with a separate entrace is Restaurante Lusitano (樂斯餐廳). I didn’t plan to eat here, but after seeing that people line up to get inside I will consider trying it in the future.

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