Sant’Agata, Catania
Tiramisuing in Treviso
Tunbao. Stone alleys, ancient ways
Miao or not Miao. Gunpowder, batik, sour soup
Sui. Quiet village, rare script
Dong. Old wood, green rice – bay boletes
Ljubljana essentials
Osmica, or wine needs bush
Peonies of Luoyang
The art of olive oil
Checkpoint Hebron
Cradle of K-tea
Temple ferments
Bethlehem essentials
Jerusalem essentials
Hainan: foodie reconnaissance
In olive grove
Liuzhou 柳州
Realm of Hainan Noodles
Dongshan Ridge 东山岭
Hainan: tea vs coffee

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foodie pilgrim

I'm a foodie traveler hungry for knowledge. My lens follows all things edible in both cheap eateries and high class restaurants. I explore shops and markets, visit kitchens and factories, traverse farmlands and pastures. I garnish my itineraries with fruit-bearing forests and seafood-abundant shores. Menus are my compass, recipes are my bedtime reading.




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