Cherry-picked Railway Cherries
Noryangjin Fish Market
Orval Trappist beer
Tvarůžky Museum
Kimchi Museum
Sant’Agata, Catania
Tiramisuing in Treviso
Tunbao. Stone alleys, ancient ways
Miao or not Miao. Gunpowder, batik, sour soup
Sui. Quiet village, rare script
Dong. Old wood, green rice – bay boletes
Ljubljana essentials
Osmica, or wine needs bush
Peonies of Luoyang
The art of olive oil
Checkpoint Hebron
Cradle of K-tea
Temple ferments
Bethlehem essentials
Jerusalem essentials
Hainan: foodie reconnaissance
In olive grove

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foodie pilgrim

I'm a foodie traveler hungry for knowledge. My lens follows all things edible in both cheap eateries and high class restaurants. I explore shops and markets, visit kitchens and factories, traverse farmlands and pastures. I garnish my itineraries with fruit-bearing forests and seafood-abundant shores. Menus are my compass, recipes are my bedtime reading.