Bushmills, a tranquil village in Northern Ireland, is home to a renowned whiskey and to some striking shorescapes.

Visiting the Old Bushmills Distillery was an important experience. After all, it’s one of the classic Irish whiskeys! That being said, the tour was just a regular factory tour.

To learn about the production process, to see the facilities, to taste the product – this is the minimum you expect from guided visits to distilleries, breweries and wineries. I have experienced dozens of them and some are more interesting than others. I have to admit that the tour at Bushmills does not stand out. In a fact, I found it rather dull, short and pricey. But Bushmills being one of the most famous and historical Irish whiskeys makes it worth it nevertheless, perhaps even a spiritual (pun intended) pilgrimage to some. Plus, we got to taste a limited blend available only at the premises, and it was delicious.

The company dates back to 1784, but ‘water of life’ was made here earlier. The oldest royal distilling license in the area was granted in 1608 and this date is used in Bushmills promotion today.

I visited during Bushmills Salmon & Whiskey Festival, an annual gastronomic event. Indeed, the village is known not only for the liquor, but also for the fish.

But the real highlight of the region lies a few miles away. The Giant’s Causeway, the only UNESCO World Heitage Site of Northern Ireland, is carpeted with tens of thousands of basalt columns. This bizzare landscape, the stuff of Irish myths, came into being with volcanic activity 50 millions of years ago. Enjoy the gallery.