Visit Zhenjiang or you’ll eat vinegar
Xinjiang: a foodie reconnaissance
Man-Han Feast of plastic
Kunshan’s stove mystery
What is Shelpek?
Koreyskiye salaty
Almaty’s Green Bazaar
Tofu war!
Vientiane from stupa to pupa
A tale of food, old stones and couch surfing
The art of rice noodles
The art of wheat noodles
Taste of North Korea
Hu Guo 糊锅, an unusual treat
Sea of tea
Of melons and deserts
Fengjing 枫泾
Cradle of writing (or the fate of king’s toothache)
Guitar clangs, Beggar’s Chicken
Beihai, Guangxi 北海
Donglianhua 东莲花
Weishan 巍山: two noodle marvels
Weishan 巍山
Zhongshan Snack Street, Nanning

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foodie pilgrim

I'm a foodie traveler hungry for knowledge. My lens follows all things edible in both cheap eateries and high class restaurants. I explore shops and markets, visit kitchens and factories, traverse farmlands and pastures. I garnish my itineraries with fruit-bearing forests and seafood-abundant shores. Menus are my compass, recipes are my bedtime reading.




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