Bishkek’s Osh Bazaar

Osh Bazaar is one of the most interesting produce markets in the Kyrgyz capital city of Bishkek.

Sit back and let this photo gallery teleport you there.

Hashtak (хаштак) is often prepared with apricots, but this is a melon variant: long strips of dried melon are rolled with walnuts and raisins. The combination results in an unusal musky bittersweetness, not of everyone’s liking. Just don’t confuse hashtak with # hashtag ;).
These hard lumps of dried yogurt are called kurut in Kyrgyz, but you will find similar products everywhere between Inner Asia and the Middle East by names such as aarul, kashk or jameed. It’s high in nutrients and has a long shelf life. I’ve posted a separate modest article with more kurt/kurut photos, click here.