Macau. Around St Augustine’s

A few blocks to the south from the central Senado Square lies a picturesque area of handsome colonial buildings. St. Augustine’s Square (Largo de Santo Agostinho, 崗頂前地) is a good orientation point in those parts. The church which gives it its name, St. Augustine’s (Igreja de Santo Agostinho, 聖奧斯定教堂), is one of the oldest in Macau but its current appearance comes from a 19th century refurbishment.

Also located next to the square is Sir Robert Ho Tung Library (Biblioteca Sir Robert Ho Tung, 何東圖書館). Mr. Ho Tung was a Hong Kong businessman who purchased this mansion from the previous, Portuguese owners. According to his wish, it was turned into a public library after his death in 1955.

Just in front of St. Augustine’s Church you will find a neo-classical building, Dom Pedro V Theatre (Teatro Dom Pedro V, 伯多祿五世劇院), here since the 19th century.

Behind hides the beautiful complex of St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church (Igreja e Seminário de São José, 聖若瑟修院及聖堂), erected during the 18th century.

South from the aforementioned cluster of buildings lies the St Lawrence’s Church (Igreja de S. Lourenço, 聖老楞佐教堂). It’s one of the oldest in Macau and serves as the parish church for this part of the peninsula.

If you are tired of colonial facades, head a few blocks away to the west of St. Augustine’s Square for a more Chinese feel. Look for Rua da Felicidade (福隆新街), which means “Happiness Street”. It is a foodie destination: there are many restaurants and cafes on it and on adjacent streets. I tried the amazing milk tea from DJ Kitchen (四海美食).

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