Kimchi Museum

Museum Kimchikan 김치박물관 is located in the famous Insa-dong neighborhood of Seoul. Out of several hundreds of food-related museums I have visited, this one stands out.

Clear, well-designed descriptions and infographics, explanatory videos and interactive screens with fun games cover the history of kimchi and its cultural importance. Different types of kimchi are presented in form of impeccable plastic copies and described in recipes. You can look at the Lactobacillus bacteria through a microscope. The fridges display not only a myriad of local varieties of kimchi but also a whole lot of different pickled goodies from all around the world, like Spanish olives, German sauerkraut and Sichuanese zhacai. There is a workshop with kimchi-making experience, there are kids corners, there is a tasting room and there is a library. The giftshop is full of designer gadgets.

A well seasoned institution.